12V Magnetic Dimmable Drivers


  • 12V DC
  • Dimmable
  • Use with 120V AC MLV dimmers

12V Magnetic Dimmable Drivers

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The 12V Magnetic Dimmable Driver is perfect for supplying low voltage power to our dimmable LED lights. This 12V DC transformer allows you to install our low voltage LED light fixtures while using a common 120V dimmer switch. Our 12V Dimmable LED Drivers are compatible with many magnetic low voltage dimmer switches by brands such as Lutron and Leviton, which are commonly used in home and commercial installations, and widely available at home improvement stores. See the Tech Specs tab for a complete list of compatible MLV dimmers.

All of our 12V magnetic dimmable drivers have a NEMA 3 rated enclosure suitable for wet and outdoor locations.

The Multi-tap 300W model is a multiple-output dimmable driver designed to power large lighting installations while meeting strict CLASS 2 electrical regulations. Large-scale low voltage projects would normally require multiple 60W (or smaller) drivers to meet Class 2. This driver meets code specifications by offering five output circuits on individual breakers, each of which can be loaded to full 60W Class 2 capacity.

Please note: This driver is NOT COMPATIBLE with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimmers such as our REIGN® Wall-Mount LED Dimmer Switches and Inline LED Dimmer Switches.


(Product SKUs: DI-0920, DI-0922, DI-0925, DI-0923, DI-DM-12V300W-MT)

(Discontinued SKUs: EL-20WDIM, EL-60WDIM, EL-100WDIM, EL-200WDIM, EL-300WDIM, EL-6X50WDIM, EL-TMDRVR, DI-0926, DI-0965.)

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SKU Product Name Availability Price
DI-0920 12V Magnetic Dimmable LED Driver - 20W In stock $134.99
DI-0922 12V Magnetic Dimmable LED Driver - 60W In stock $172.99
DI-0923 12V Magnetic Dimmable LED Driver - 200W In stock $279.99
DI-0925 12V Magnetic Dimmable LED Driver - 100W In stock $199.99
DI-DM-12V300W-MT 12V Magnetic Dimmable Driver - 300W multi-tap In stock $682.99
  1. LEDs, wire, dimmer driver

    Reviewed on October 30, 2013 by Al

    Ordering online is easy. Products are the best. Would like to get builder pricing, as I am using your product exclusively, on all my projects. I am not shopping price, just looking for Builder / repeat customer price off your standard online pricing. Thanks.
  2. 20W / 60W / 100W / 200W Dimmable Driver

    Reviewed on May 29, 2013 by WWC, Inc.

    I purchase Dimmable Drives for my company all the time. We have never had and issues. Easy to build and set. Make sure you remember the AC Power Cable (if needed).
  3. Dimmable driver

    Reviewed on November 20, 2012 by Jan

    Works great! Easy to install & compact.
  4. Hi Wattage Version Causes Strobing

    Reviewed on July 12, 2012 by Dean

    I used a 300 Watt version of this driver to power 200 watts of LED cove lighting in a bathroom. They dim fine, but any motion under the lights exhibits strobing -- most disturbing. According to Elemental this a known characteristic of the high wattage version of these drivers. I wish I had known this before I purchase and installed it as it is unacceptable. I do not recommend using the high wattage version of this product.
  5. As Advertised..............!!!

    Reviewed on May 16, 2012 by Gary

    I purchased the 20 watt transformer along with a dimmer switch for use with a flexible LED light strip (full roll.) I found it necessary to return the transformer to obtain one of higher wattage once I realized I would be using more LEDs than originally anticipated. I needed a 40watt unit to drive my full roll, but the next size available here is 60watts. I felt the 60watt unit was too large/bulky for my needs/taste so I located an identical brand 40watt transformer from a different source. (Elemental-LED needs to sell the 40watt transformer, in my opinion.)
    The transformer worked very well and appears to be quiet unlike many lesser quality transformers which many times emit an electrical humming noise. I have the transformer mounted under the sink cabinet where it can be easily accessed should any unforeseen issues arise in the future.
    I wired a low voltage dimmer (also referred by some manufactures as an LED lamp dimmer) to the 120Vac supply. The LEDs dim properly using this dimmer switch/transformer combination and have no evidence of flickering. (Note: I tried using a digital dimmer switch from one of the name brand manufactures, but the digital unit utilizes PLM (pulse with modulation) technology which does cause the severe flickering some persons have complained of. Stick with the dimmers specified for low voltage / LED lights and you will not experience any issues.)
    The end product has worked out very well and I am very pleased with this transformer in combination with a proper dimmer.
  6. Excellence!!!!!

    Reviewed on February 28, 2012 by Mickey

    Both the company's support staff and their products are top notch. The dimmable drivers are working flawlessly!
  7. Works Great!

    Reviewed on February 14, 2012 by Bach Electric

    Have used 5 of these on various installations.
    They work great!
  8. Works as advertised

    Reviewed on December 29, 2011 by Eric

    Pretty straight-forward installation and usage.
    Works perfectly with my LED strips

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Reviewing 12V Magnetic Dimmable Drivers


Compatible with: 120V AC magnetic low voltage dimmers. Click here to download a PDF list of compatible 120V dimmers.

Click here to download a PDF installation guide.

Please refer to individual specification sheets for load limit information.

Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the 20 Watt model (DI-0920).
Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the 60 Watt model (DI-0922).
Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the 100 Watt model (DI-0925).
Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the 200 Watt model (DI-0923).
Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the 300 Watt Multi-tap model (DI-DM-12V300W-MT).
Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the 300 Watt model (EL-300WDIM - Discontinued).
Click here to download a specification sheet PDF for the Multi-tap 300 Watt model (DI-0965 - Discontinued).

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